Mobile ShoppingIncreasing numbers of mobile device owners are no longer using their PCs or laptops and now use only their smartphone or tablet to check email, search the internet or shop online, according to a new survey conducted by Prosper Mobile Insights.

According to the survey:

  • 51.1% of mobile users check their email using only a mobile device
  • 45.3% say they conduct mobile-only Internet searches
  • 42.3% connect with friends on Facebook without ever using a PC or laptop
  • 25.4% of consumers engage in online shopping only via mobile
  • 29.6% are mobile-only online bankers
  • 14.8% use Twitter only in mobile
  • 6.9% engage with Pinterest only in mobile
  • Overall, 69.3% of mobile users conduct at least one Web-based activity solely with a smartphone or tabletRead More